Solid Timber - Jarrah

Jarrah is unique to the South West corner of Western Australia and is our best known and most highly regarded timber. Jarrah tends to be quite a stable timber,  meaning it is less likely to have issues with movement once it has been laid. This timber is a popular choice for new home buyers due to its beauty, character and rustic nature. It also happens to be the lowest cost of all timbers - a big bonus to the home builder.

  • Colour is medium to dark red, while regrowth is pinkish-red
  • Available in: 63mm x 12mm, 85mm x 12mm, 105mm x 12mm, 135mm x 14mm,
  • 80mm x 19mm and 125mm x 19mm sizes
  • Available in Select, Standard/Better and Feature Grades.
  • Janka hardness 9

   Select Grade contains few faults and knot free. This grade is charged at a more  expensive rate.

Standard/Better Grade is a grade between Select and Feature, containing some visible grain patterns & appearance.

Feature Grade contains visible grain patterns and gum veins which gives its character and natural beauty and warmth.

"Can you pass onto your tradesmen that they have done an excellent job. There attention to detail is second to none. I'm impressed, as is  everyone that enters".


- Jamie Morris, Cowaramup