Solid Timber - Blackbutt WA

Blackbutt WA is a tall straight tree growing mostly near rivers as it likes a lot of water. It is one of the least flammable eucalypts and usually survives moderate forest fires, although the base of the tree becomes black, thus giving the tree its name. The Blackbutt tree is now not readily available for milling as CALM has restricted harvesting the trees near rivers.

Heartwood is pale yellow to brown, sometimes with a slight pinkish tinge.

  • Available in 85mm x 12mm size
  • Available in Standard/Better Grade and Feature Grade.
  • Janka hardness rating 6.9

Note that Standard/Better Grade is a grade between Select and Feature grades, containing some visible grain patterns and appearance.

Feature Grade contains visible grain patterns, insect holes, and gum veins, which gives its character and natural beauty and warmth.

Janka hardness rating of 6.9


"Quality workmanship matched with obvious pride in performance, ensured a most pleasing outcome. I have no hesitation in highly recommending k&s Southwest Timber Flooring to potential customers."
- Kevin Jones, Bunbury