Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring - A New Alternative.

Think that carpet, timber or tiles are your only options when it comes to flooring? Think again! Cork flooring  has always been the first choice for natural flooring. It's quite, warm and resilient.

Cork Flooring is environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. If fact, the cork tree will die if the bark is not harvested regularly! A large range of cork tiles is available, from the natural look, to tight pattered, to country-style. Cork is also available in a range of colours.

Benefits of Cork Flooring.

Cork also has many benefits. It is suitable for  kitchens, living areas and very popular in bedrooms and is unaffected by humidity, meaning that it does not suffer the expansion and contraction problems of many other types of flooring. Cork does not absorb dust so it is great for homes with allery sufferers.

It is also great for insulation as it bounces back heat in winter but does not absorb heat in summer. Cork is also a great sound absorber as it is very cushioning. Its cushioning effects also means that things are less likely to break if you drop them - very useful in the kitchen.

 Thanks for Everything, Floor looks Great, We are really Happy with it.       Scott Baxter from Margaret River