Solid Timber - Blackbutt NSW

A beautiful and commonly grown hardwood.

It  has been the number one seller for many years and is one of the most common species of hardwood commercially available from the coastal regions of NSW from Bega on the south coast up to Maryborough in Queensland. The bark on the lower part of the trunk is dark grey-brown in colour. After a bushfire, the lower trunk of the tree is dramatically darkened - hence the name "Blackbutt". The grain is relatively straight and uniformed.

Colour ranges from golden yellow throught to pale brown to creamy tan,  with a faint tinge of pink

Available in 80mm x 10mm, 90mm x 10mm, 85mm x 14mm and 130mm x 19mm sizes.

Available in Select, Standard/Better and Feature Grades.

Janka hardness rating  of 9.1

Select Grade contains few faults and knot free. This grade is charged at a more expensive rate.

Standard/Better Grade is a grade between Select and Feature, containing some visible grain patterns and appearance.

Feature Grade contains visible grain patterns and gum veins which gives its character and natural beauty and warmth.


"We are both very happy with the finished product, please pass on my thanks to all concerned, especially Colin and Peter who I met on Site. I should also let you know Kevin and Eva West (next door neighbours) have mentioned on a number of occasions that they too are also very happy with their floor".


- Jok & Lorraine Ross, Hamelin Bay