Bamboo Pre Finished Flooring

Embleton Bamboo - Engineered to Perfection  is valued primarily for its sustainability, durability and stylish appearance.  Technically a grass, bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing and strongest plants, and can be harvested every 3 to 7 years.

Harder than most flooring timbers, bamboo provides a tough surface, resistant to stains, scratches and the wear of foot traffic. As a grass which is compressed to a very high density during manufacture, it is less prone to cupping, checking, and the other dimensional changes so ofter found with timber - thereby ensuring a stability which makes it suitable for most flooring projects.

Resistant to insect attack and temperature extremes, it is an excellent match for Australia's  often harsh climate.

Janka hardness rating of 15

Bamboo Colours: Coffee, Natural, Tiger, Daintree, Nullabor.

Board dimensions: 1850x122x14mm

Pre-finished coated with 6 layer of an advanced UV cured acrylic coating, the high quality finish allows the floor to be installed and walked on in the same day.

Easy Installation individual floor boards simply click together with a pattented locking system, making installation quite and easy.